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In January 20 2009, the day of inauguration of the United States President Obama, 4 months later from Lehman Shock, one Japanese economic sultant sent him the important letter with specific proposal to solve the American economy. The copies were also sent to Benjamin Bernanke, governor of FRB and other top authorities of US government. The proposal indicated the necessity to solve serious gap of rich & poor and to introduce medical care for all people of the United States. Due to the controversial contents in part, there are no responses from US government authorities, and this proposal has been sealed in his hand since then. Now he decided to disclose the proposal for other problem nations in economy. The proposal shows how to solve the huge debt of government and stimulate the gloomy economy. We believe that the new concept of “Social Capitalism” in this proposal would help world economy in future.

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Proposal for Obama


Proposal for Obama

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